The back-to-school season is here, with the anticipation of the third wave’s impact on children still doing the rounds. No doubt, that online school sessions are going to continue for another year. First of all, the kids do deserve an applaud for adapting to a striking change in their activity world due to imposed lock-down for an indefinite time. They merged their active world with the new norms and tried to find entertainment, academics, activities, and interaction with peers while at home. 

Virtual Schooling in 2021. A Reality. Photo: Pew Research Center

Virtual Schooling is now no longer new and the new academic year begins with a known comfort and experience of last year. Parents can finally relax as kids have very well adapted to learning through online platforms independently. But is that enough? Perhaps no. 

The virtual learning world comes with its own set of challenges, primarily the learning effectiveness of school children through online classes. Research shows a staggering decline in the performance of children in academics and a stressful lifestyle owing to peer and parent pressure to perform. How to generate interest in children for online school sessions? Wondering this? Follow these top 7 ways to effectively manage online school sessions for kids, a blend of best parenting tips and suggestions by child care experts!

#1 Maintain a Clutter-Free Learning Space

‘Distraction is a key phenomenon observed in children attending school classes.  Toys and stationary cluttered around, any kind of loud noise or conversations as well as snacking jars can distract kids from ongoing classes. Make sure that your kid gets a dedicated and disturbance-free corner to attend school sessions. This also conditions the child to be more mindful of school session time. 

A Clutter-Free Environment to Study. Photo: Twitter

#2 Incorporate ‘No-Brainer’ Free Tasks

Research studies have shown that children up to 14 years of age group find it difficult to concentrate on a given topic on screen for more than 25 mins. The whole day-long screen activity further makes it difficult for kids to differentiate between online school sessions, activity classes, and idle screen watching. Given all this, it is very important to compulsorily allocate a complete gadget-free play or activity they get sufficient time to detach from screen brooding, particularly before the classes. This will help them attend the classes with renewed focus and energy to comprehend concepts virtually.

#3 Take Ergonomics for Kids Seriously 

Just like we are concerned about ergonomics in workspaces, parents need to be serious about ergonomics for kids as well, given that they are ending up the same 7-8 hours while sitting on the desk and handling gadgets. Continuous sitting and that too in a careless posture may be harmful in a long run causing back pain, disinterest in attending classes due to the tendency to lie down, foot pain, neck pain, headaches, and many other silent stress points.  Parents also need to train children on doing minor stretches, standing, walking around in between, and if possible even a daily exercise regime so as to stay fit and avoid body stiffness while attending online sessions. 

How to Take Care of Kid’s Posture? Photo: ACT Fibernet

#4 Stay Flexible, Hard Things Take Time 

Often learning difficulties dread children and lack of conceptual clarity during online classes can further add to their in completing assignments. Incomplete work can add to further learning difficulty and the vicious cycle continues. How to break the chain? Simply by being flexible and understanding. Take it easy. Not being able to cope with a particular subject is not the end of the world. Let them do the concerned tough subject’s assignments in the weekend with the help and guidance of parents. Encourage them to do the easier tasks on time and not stress about task completion. 

#5 Practice Social Distancing, Not Friends Distancing

School serves not just as a place to study, but it is the total activity hub of children, where they also get to nurture their emotional health by peer interaction, eating together, and being together in all tasks. The absence of physical schools has created a big vacuum in terms of emotional well-being. Encourage kids to talk, do group activity sessions, video calls to stay in touch with peers and close friends to feel emotionally secure. The feeling of sailing in the same boat mitigates their discomfort of attending classes alone and allows them to enjoy school sessions. 

The Smile While Talking to Friends! Photo: Sittercity

#6 Create a ‘Positivity Bubble’ Around Kids

The potential of kids can surpass your expectations, provided they feel positive and secure about their circumstances. The safety bubble can be co-created by the teamwork of parents and teachers. The teachers have now a more challenging role to mentor the kids for their efforts and motivate them irrespective of their grade performance. Similarly, parents have to come over nagging and the grudge of non-performance and support kids by appreciating every little effort made by the kid in any task they do. It might happen that kids simply discover their creative side and develop an interest in a new hobby. Appreciate and create the bubble! A confident and happy state of mind is more eligible to perform well in school sessions.

Stay Positive. Stay Happy. It Spreads. Photo: MedStarHealth

#7 Nurture Self-Care To Make Kids Self-Aware

Maintain the routine, in sync with what it was while going to school. Attending virtual school sessions makes for ample time savings to maintain healthy sleep hours, a daily stretch, meal timings, water intake, and personal hygiene. All these simple steps go a long way in making kids feel confident, healthy, and active to focus on their studies. Enforce a healthy pressure to follow a neat diet, following a timetable mix of study and play and more importantly follow the same regime to exemplify good habits. Merging discipline with frequent breaks to do their favorite things can gel kids better with virtual sessions.

The list is endless. However, we stop here, as doing these 7 basic things can ring around a profound change in kids and make them receptive to learnings along with fun. So smile and share the joy with kids!

Looking for more assistance? Acme Global Learning is here to help with all parenting concerns. We do not enforce classes. We only encourage conscious and self-willed learning by kids in the right environment. Reach out to us for more! 

Happy Learning & Growing!

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