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Acme Global Learning is one of the leading Learning Platforms and a state-of-art After School Program that provides multi-disciplinary learnings to kids of all age groups. The EdTech Group firmly believes in adopting a modern, disciplined and mentored environment and providing flexible learning options within a wide range of academic and non-academic courses. Growing with a successful run of 3 years, we have conceptualized Acme Homeschool to enrich education and personalize the learning process.

At Acme Homeschool, our motto is to groom the kid within an environment that is not subjected to traditional tuitions and school guidelines but liberates the full potential of children in sync with individual interests and learning pace. Equipped with a power-packed team of educators and mentors, Acme Homeschool is here to fine-tune education as one complete school for one child, where we do not dilute but enrich learning.

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5 Good Reasons, Why You Should Consider Acme Homeschool?

One School: One Child

Is your child struggling to fetch attention and concept clarity in crowded/group classes? Acme Homeschool intends to give your child personalized learning and grooming hours that are essential in the growing years for building a strong foundation of concepts and effective personality development. We conduct all our sessions on one on one basis so that the objective of efficient learning in less time is achieved.

Craft Your Own Learning Domain

Acme Homeschool is the go-to option for parents looking for a flexible yet fully supervised learning environment that doesn’t stick to traditional tuition or regular school setups. We give complete flexibility to choose the subjects, hours of study as well as other enrichment programs. The entire curriculum is crafted based on parent’s flexibility to choose the Board of Accreditation in Grade 10 & 12 levels. Acme Homeschool Students also get access to fun Summer Programs making learning enjoyable and a complete experience.

Education In Sync with Learning Pace

Acme Homeschool is an absolute No-Rush Learning Setup, where we club concept clarity with an individual learning pace. The entire learning module is teamwork of student comfort and grasping power, concerned teacher’s lesson delivery and reporting, a supervising admin or overhead teacher cum mentor, and parent engagement. There is no compromise over quality learning experience, especially for learning difficulties or slow learners.

Power Sports Education /Secondary Options

Acme Homeschool breaks the barriers of a full-time school and supports basic education to support specialized professional coaching for kids interested in pursuing sports or any other vocational coaching. Get the flexibility of devoting sufficient time to sports/other courses training, while continuing with a basic education facility at your convenience. We believe in fostering a laser focus approach to succeed

Reduce Tutorials Time. Invest in Overall Development

Acme Homeschool is the one-stop solution to prevent students from ‘dual learning sessions’: one from school and the other from tuition. We conduct our all classes through subject teachers and practical demonstrations as and when required, in a way that nullifies the need to go for extra learning support or tuitions. This way we save on oodles of tutorial time and allow parents to relax with children and engage them creatively in other activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While homeschooling, many parents choose to educate the kids themselves or seek help from external sources like online tutoring or online homeschool programs for customized support. Parents can follow the curriculum according to the board of accreditation they prefer in Grade 10 and Grade 12 levels. They can choose from NIOS, IGCSE, and Cambridge Curriculum for appearing under future certification exams at Grade 10 and Grade 12 levels.

Homeschooled children are very much eligible for admission in Indian and Foreign universities/colleges, provided they achieve certification from NIOS or Cambridge IGCSE entrance at Grade 10 and Grade 12 levels.

Under RTE Act (Right to Education), no child can be denied admission to school under circumstances that there is a vacancy and the child passes the admission entrance test as conducted by the concerned school.

A homeschooled child can pursue higher education by choosing one out of the following options: a) Pursuing basic education offered by the NIOS Board for students till 14 years of age. NIOS also offers Grade 10 and Grade 12 course material and certification. b) Certification from Cambridge IGCSE for Primary, Secondary, and Higher Secondary Levels.

Want more information on Homeschool and Our Learning Structure? We will be happy to help you with a FREE Consultation.

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