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Building the right foundational skills

It is crucial for a child to develop the right foundational literacy and numeracy skills at this stage. This would determine the trajectory of his/her cognitive development. We use the standardized curriculum of schools for our teaching content and help children build skills across all subject areas. Understanding that there will be differences in each child’s abilities, we gauge what makes young minds tick. Our instructional strategies are such that keep the children interested and engaged in learning as per their pace, attention span and absorbing acumen. Our competent teachers apply tested and proven methods for teaching language, numbers, reading and comprehension. The right start goes a long way in helping an individual move up steadily to the top.










Grade I - III Program Highlights

1. Syllabus Tuitions with the customized learning material for all Education Boards – State Boards, CBSE, IB, Cambridge and ICSE.

2. Want to strengthen your foundation for Indian Curriculum Standards??
Get access to Acme ICFC – Customized syllabus learning sessions to build a strong foundation of Grade (I-III) as per Indian Education Standards.

3. Acme Junior Foundation Support Get access to our unique learning support program in addition to regular syllabus tuitions with the help of the following Electives and other Enrichment Programs.

  • Junior Reading Program Book Recommendations & Reading Sessions
  • Creative Writing: Sentence Construction, Paragraph Writing, Mini-Story
  • Math Junior: Math Worksheet Practice, Interactive Learning Videos

Why does your child need Acme Foundation Tuitions (Grade I- III)?

Grade I

It is that time when kids come out of their picture books and meet the foundational reading and writing curricula. We build a strong foundation through our unique creative pedagogy. Our compassionate guidance makes for a smooth transition from the preschool years to the formal education bench.

Grade II

Our learning sessions work on skills like story comprehension, basic rules of Written English, reasoning and explanation through oral communication, command over basic math operations, and having a general awareness of how things work around!

Grade III

As the syllabus gets more complex, our interactive learning sessions help Grade 3 kids settle with foundational gaps, and make a smooth transition to math word problems, reasoning, in-depth Environmental Science, literature comprehension, and basic Grammar

The Acme Advantage

A wide variety of programs for kids from Grade 1 to Grade 12

Experienced and skilled teachers

We have the most qualified and experienced teachers as mentors of our after school programs. With one teacher mentoring only 4 students, we ensure that each student gets individual attention and learns at his/her own pace.

Teaching in line with School Curriculum

Our teaching programs cover all subjects for students from Grades 1 to 12. What we teach is strictly on the lines of the school syllabus thus enabling children to clarify and further strengthen their academic concepts.

Customized online learning programs

Online learning programs enable students to access our classes from the comfort and safety of their homes. Customized sessions give students the advantage to learn at their own pace. They become decision makers in creating their own learning program and hence abide by it with greater discipline.

Regular feedback to parents

Our feedback mechanism keeps parents informed of their ward’s progress at all times. Mentors are accessible through mail and messaging. Reports are sent to parents on a regular basis to help them keep track of the child’s performance.

Training in tech programs and creative arts

We give our young guns a head start in the tech world with training in coding, robotics, animation and artificial intelligence. Our enrichment programs include art, dance and music classes - both vocal and instrumental. Four-year olds to eighteen-year olds can subscribe to these programs.

Special Camps during school break

We conduct special camps during the time students have their summer and winter vacations. The focus is to offer training in various sports and creative pursuits like music, dance, martial art, art and craft, creative writing, cooking and baking.

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