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The New Lifestyle

 By Haasini Pammi,

For the past 1 year there has been struggle, panic, changes and developments. Before this Life was completely different. People’s daily lifestyles are changing and the world is evolving.

Before lockdown things were different. I would say that my daily lifestyle had changed completely. Every morning I woke up at early dawn to get ready for my EARLY morning coaching (Basketball). I probably never liked school because there was a lot of interaction, and I was a quiet student who nonetheless kept quiet till I was called on. Other than studying, school was filled with much more, such as games, arts and crafts, music, dance etc. Once school got over, I went to my after school where I would have my tuition and 1 activity. My favourite part would be coming home sitting on the couch and watching TV while eating some junk food and if I was lucky maybe some Ice cream. Friday night would be game night, where we stay up till midnight, watch movies and play games as a family. Every Saturday we would go to different restaurants and eat out.  Sundays are when we go to places. Either our cousins come or we go. My life was normal and was filled with fun when we played, tension when we wrote a test and happiness when we had a holiday.

Those were the things that used to happen BEFORE Covid19 came .But now the world is a whole lot smaller.  These days I wake up at 7, freshen up and sit in front of my computer for about 6 hours for school. Some days after school would end, I would have after school classes like hobbies and a language class. Wednesday and Friday I have an ONLINE creative writing class, while on Tuesday and Thursday I would have an ONLINE coding class. When you think of the weekend, exciting ideas flow into your mind until you pop them. There is a deadly virus on the loose, no time for fun we need to be cautious. Before you could talk to your friends face to face, but now the closest you could get to him/her would be on a screen . That’s right, a digital gadget where you can communicate virtually not personally.  In the year 2019 , news would mostly be about accidents, discoveries etc. but now all they talk about is this virus on the loose .

You see, Covid19 has changed us and our lifestyles completely, but there is still hope we can return to normal .Unless this is the new Normal. #STAY HOME, STAY SAFE!

                                                        My life before and After Covid

By Suhani Palla,

In my life before covid was funnier than after covid. This is because before covid me and my family used to go out to restaurants, parks, play areas etc. a lot, but when covid struck we mostly just stayed home, and when we did go out, we had to wear a mask and it was kind of hard to breathe in it, but at least we can be safe when we wear the masks. The only time we go to restaurants now is when someone else invites us or if it’s a celebration. 

And  about the school, we have to attend online and it honestly isn’t that bad. We can choose different backgrounds and play online games. So, I guess school is one of the good parts of covid

This is why I think that it was better before covid, and even though I think that after covid is not that awful.

My Life Before and After Covid

By Raghav Palla,

 In July 2019 I moved to India. For half of the year of 2019, I got to experience a normal life in India like riding my bike, going to the mall, restaurants, etc. I mostly enjoyed school in India compared to the school I had in America. The thing I liked better about Indian schools was that I felt more comfortable with Indian friends and teachers. I also enjoyed restaurants in India very much because I think that food in India has tastier and flavourful dishes than cuisines in America. Every weekend me and my sister Suhani used to go biking for 1 or 2 hours. On March 11th, 2020, I went to my cousin’s wedding ceremony. I played with my cousins and friends that came there in the yard outside the party hall. We played games like hide and seek and tag. Then Covid-19 started on March 22, 2020. After covid started I was so bored at my house all the time. I didn’t have much to do and all I could do was call people online instead of meeting them, watch shows online like on Hot star and Netflix and also play outdoor games. I also didn’t have many activities at my house to do so I mostly did outdoor activities like tennis classes and biking in my community. Now, it’s been almost 2 years in covid time and because I only got to be in the real India for half a year, I always said that I wanted to move back to America and that I don’t like India. Then, I didn’t realise the only reason for this was Corona and living in India. I had my tennis classes 6 days a week from 6:30 am to 7:30 am in the morning. I usually go biking in the evening from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Fridays or Saturdays. In conclusion, at the beginning of covid, I didn’t think it was going to turn out great for me. But now when I look back at what I did in the covid time it didn’t turn out as bad as I expected it to. So overall since covid in the new normal living, I enjoyed it and am getting used to being in a quarantine.

My life before and after Covid 19

By Laasya Pammi,

Before covid-19 my life was terrible or at least I thought so. I woke up at the sight of dawn with tired eyes and went to school with disinterest. I would be as quiet as a mouse some days or as loud as a lion’s roar based on my mood. But I always seemed to enjoy it in the end with a sprinkle of fun. After school I would attend my extra classes and every Tuesday, I have a test so if it were Monday I would revise and be given a practice test in my tuition and be home by dusk. Then I would watch TV until it was my bedtime and get ready for the next day. I would enjoy weekends with glee but still study so I could keep up and every Saturday one of us would pick a restaurant and we would go there for dinner, but the weekends seem to pass by in a snap and before I know it, I’m back in the school corridors waiting for the weekend. 

Now is almost the except I don’t have to wake up that early for school because we don’t have to drive there. But other than that, there is no upside. When lockdown started it was so good no school, no homework and no tests but Earth is still evolving so online classes was made and now is a nightmare. Now is almost the same except I don’t have to wake up that early for school because we don’t have to drive there and I started a few new classes, but the worst part is I am super busy. I barely have time to do some extra work like art and crafts. I have to wear a mask everywhere and I can barely set foot out of my door. Now I miss my corridors full of trophies and parking lots full of buses and classrooms full of children.

I miss my old life where I could talk to my friends and go to school and eat out. I really hope that covid- 19 will be over by the end of the year and next year they won’t even know what covid-19 is. 

Life before and after corona

By Tarunika Reddy,

First when it came out, I did not think it was that bad I just thought it was a come a go situation well… I guess I was wrong first sanitizer then dramatic twist school ended, to be honest I was kind of happy about that part. Until people started talking about online school and I was like what the heck is that. So, I guess one of the MOST and BIGGEST difference is school… I think. I don’t even want to talk about masks they are the most ANNOYING LITTLE THING EVER. Like who ever knew they existed before corona. I was just wondering that the government could have intervened quite early and contained the spread. But if you are asking about the difference between before and after well the difference is practically EVERYTHING as well as ANYTHING. But my point is… well I have no real point because I didn’t even think corona was even possible but I guess thank you China for teaching it, if you could not get it already, I was TRYING to be sarcastic… probably already got that but still. I can’t really think of any other difference EXCEPT literally EVERY SINGLE shop shutting down… actually I think that is a big difference but because of corona OR formally known has COVID-19 still don’t know why people named it that but, not a SINGLE shop was open when the you know what ATTACKED YES ATTACKED. But at the end we can all still a acknowledge that there is going to be about a million movies about this virus anyways if you want to know the difference from a picture then it is down below cause why now at this point

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