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Power your learning with online after-school programs.

Acme Learning understands that children and youth in different age groups have different academic, psychological, and physical activity needs. We like to consider children as resources to be developed rather than as problems to be managed. We partner with families and educators who care about kids to co-create a world where we are all free to be our true and best selves within vibrant, peaceful, creative & caring communities. Acme learning delivers After School Programs that are structured around being one-on-one, aimed at grooming a child’s self-confidence by educating the whole child; socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Redefining Learning With Personalized Teaching​

There’s a world beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. While academics have their own place, a growing child’s emotional, social, physical and psychological development has to be fostered alongside academics. Our After School Programs focus on building self-esteem, communication skills, leadership qualities and social awareness. Our activities are aimed at firing students’ imagination, channelizing their creative energies and cultivating their community spirit and co-operative instincts.

Extending Learning Beyond School Hours​

The world of learning is changing. Be it in-class or online learning, we cannot have a one size fits all solution. Our core philosophy stems from our understanding that each individual’s pace of learning is different from the other. And that is why we offer tailor made programs in

Leveraging Teaching And Technology​

Any educational institution is as good as its teachers. We have the most qualified and skilled trainers forming the backbone of our programs. With our teachers and latest tech tools, we ensure that each student’s learning curve stays sharp and moving upward. Thanks to technology, we can seamlessly shift to online teaching using two way audio, video and white boarding tools

Translating learning into knowledge and skills

The aim of any learning is its application in the real world. Our methods of teaching, be it for academics or enrichment programs like sports, creative arts and boot camps, focus on building skills. As a natural result students exhibit greater speed and accuracy in problem solving, more clarity with visualizing, and enhanced concentration in listening. Since students take ownership of what they do, they automatically develop a sense of responsibility for their effort, performance, goals and results

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Whether it’s early reading or advanced calculus ACME Learning Center unique approach to After-School Program can help to succeed in widening your child’s knowledge.

Redefining Learning with Personalized Teaching.

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Power your learning with ACME after-school programs

Our world-class curriculum offers a flexible, innovative approach to learning for Grade 1-12 students in a safe environment. That means your child can have access to engaging and personalized lessons delivered by top teachers, regardless of Countries

With our consistent and proven educational model, we are ready to deliver uninterrupted learning, whatever the 2021-2022 school year brings. So let’s get started, today.